Feb 27 -


Doctor Who themed Proposal Cake!

This week I made a cake for a really cool dude who wanted to propose to his girlfriend with it. He put the ring on her fondant figure and everything- It was so sweet. (We even have some awesome video of the whole thing! Which we’ll show you soon.)

The Tardis is banana cake with dark chocolate crunch bits and ganache layers. The figures are of the couple themselves;
He requested to be dressed as 10 but with 4’s scarf. Her clad in Donna Noble wedding gear. I wanted to go a bit cartoony with this Tardis, go in a different style than normal. Pssst it’s the 22nd Tardis I’ve made so far. Yesss.

You can actually check out their podcast site here!

I’ve always wanted to do some sort of painted background, so I painted a nebula filled with stars behind the lovely couple. I used edible food colors, using a technique of dry brushing, water push and airbrush. Sooo fun.

Probably one of my favorite cakes/delivery experience ever. The best part? The Doctor is finally Ginger.


So cool!

(via nerdachecakes)


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